Every year we host 4 countdown blitz events. They are our highest attended events of the year and are quickly filled with authors wishing to get their book seen. These countdowns are created for:

Valentines - Clean Romance
Great Summer Reads - Any Clean Read Genre
Halloween - Clean paranormal, Adventure, Mystery, Suspense
Christmas - Clean Winter, Christmas, and Holiday

Here is how it works:

Your book must fit into the genre for the specific Countdown event you wish to join (Valentine, Summer, Halloween, Christmas), and can be a full novel or a novella.
Your book must have been released at least a month before the event starts.
Your book must be CLEAN (See our book standard policies if there is any question about what qualifies: http://www.lovingthebook.com/p/our-book-standards.html)

Each day of the event we will feature a different novel or novella (each author will have their own blitz day for their book) by doing a massive book blitz featuring your book on blogs around the world and having it plastered on twitter, FB, Pinterest, and other social media websites all day.

Only the first 12 people who sign up will obtain one of these choice spots this year (Note: The Summer event is the only event where we feature 18 books, all over countdown events are capped at 12 books). On this page, we are offering this opportunity to sign-up first, before we release the sign-ups to the public through our newsletter, facebook page, and direct email.

It will be $50 for your book blitz day - which includes the entire day of featuring just your book on blogs around the world and on a variety of social media sites, as well as on the FB event site that is set up for each countdown as a central posting hub.

We will also be including a Rafflecopter featuring handmade custom key chains that match the covers of your books! (We will handcraft these fabulous prizes and take care of shipping them to winners.)

We will post a minimum of 23 times during your day and more people will be sharing, re-posting, tweeting, etc on additional social media platforms. This is a great opportunity for your book to be seen. And, as these blitzes have been very highly attended and there is a lot of participation, we have seen amazing and extensive exposure for your book.

If you are interested in one of these fabulous spots for being featured during our blitz, please sign up below.

Autumn/Halloween Countdown 2020

Christmas Countdown 2020

Valentine Countdown 2021

We look forward to having you join us in celebrating each of these events!


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