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Loving the Book is a book marketing company that creates events for Publishers and Indie Authors to get their books seen and in some cases reviewed. You do not need a blog to review books for us.

1-     If you post on a book centered social media site or blog, and want to feature events such as cover reveals, blitzes, and tours (with the option to review) sign up here for the weekly email where you can choose the events in which you wish to participate:

2-     If you love to review (even if you don't have a blog) and only want information on books you can review, sign up for this weekly email here: 

3-     Join our Master list where you will automatically receive information packets to post for events without having to fill out each event form, join our Elite Team here:

Event Host Guidelines

*During the tours we allow the bloggers to choose how they would like to participate. You can feature snippets from the book, Author Top ten lists, Author interviews, a book review, or any mixture of these extras. If you choose to review we will provide you with an e-copy of the book.

*We will send out a HTML and information packet with all the information you need at least one week before the event for tours. For cover reveals and blitzes, you will recieve the information 3-5 days in advance.

*Post on the day you sign up for with the content you have signed up to post. Post should go live by 7am MST. If you cannot post on your assigned day, please let us know at least 5 days in advance so we can adjust the blog schedule accordingly.

*If you sign up for a review we ask that you give an honest review and post that review on all the sites where the book is sold. If you feel you cannot give this book a good review (Less than 3 stars), we ask that you let us know right away and you can post your choice of "extra" content for the tour on your schedule post day. Please send us your direct links to your Amazon and Goodreads review at least 1 day before your assigned date.

As always you can contact us anytime by email for more information at
We look forward to working with you!

Loving the Book

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  1. HI
    Looking now at your website I am finding it hard to read, that lovely scroll and books all over the text - hides the text! and makes my eyes roll a bit.. so I can't really see what it says. Nice idea, but reduce it in size or make it a small logo. Elayne