Who are we?

Loving the Book was founded in 2013 specifically to host and help authors with virtual book launch parties. However, within a few months of launching the company we realized there was a need for additional marketing opportunities and we expanded our event options. We now offer book tours with reviews, book blitzes, cover reveals, and Holiday countdown events.

Our aim is to offer fabulous book marketing that any author can afford.

The owner and founder of Loving the Book is the fabulous...

Becca Lamoreaux!

Becca has a BA in English, Creative Writing, and has been doing work as a publicist for several years. She loves to throw parties and she loves to read books. Plus, as an author she knew the struggles of getting a book noticed and the difficulty in marketing a new book. So she formed this business as a way to help other authors get their work seen and their books known.

Becca is married to a wonderful man who puts up with her crazy imagination, her super excitable personality, and her 2 pets (A bunny named Thor, and a puppy named Deise). When she is not creating and hosting events, she is reading, writing, playing her viola, riding her beach cruiser, and dancing in her kitchen while singing as loud as she can.

Reading books has been a part of her life for as long as she can remember and her love of writing came before she actually knew how to make letters. She squeezes writing time in between working, housework, and baking (which she is currently grounded from doing as her husband is blaming her for his weight gain.)

With her business growing, and demand for her parties and book tours increasing, Becca knew she needed help to really allow each author and book to get the notice deserved. So she reached out and found other ladies who had the love of books and reading, and the desire to share that love. Also, to expand the exposure for each author's works, this time she looked more internationally - expanding her horizon and the reach of her company - she found ....

Katie Summerill!

Katie has had a passion for books from the moment she learned how to read. In first grade she received the award for most books read during the school year (352 books). In Jr High Katie would go to the library to get 2-3 books which she would read during classes and then after school return those books and checkout 3-4 more to take home with her. She regularly got reprimanded for reading during classes. However with the onset of responsibilities, first getting a job, then getting married, going to university and having children, book reading has become a revered and eagerly anticipated activity.

Katie now lives in the south of England with her husband and three lovely children. Activities she enjoys with her family are walking in the beautiful countryside, visiting sites of historical significance, and geocaching. Without her family’s involvement she enjoys planning family holidays they will never take, sitting in a few blessed moments of silence, and of course, reading!

As the business continued to build, Becca found the need to have more hands on deck to allow more books to be seen, bring in a valuable and knowledgeable sources to give tips to authors and bloggers alike, and help grow the love of reading and writing in others ... and she found ...

Corinne Prost!

Corinne is a BA at Hillsdale College, and her declared major is American Studies with a projected minor in Journalism. Although these choices sound informed and thoughtful on Corinne's part, what really happened is that a really cool, successful senior did the same major and minor and went on to do really cool, successful things. So even though Corinne doesn't know what she will do with these life choices, she does know one thing: her dream is to become as great as the classical authors.

While growing up, Corinne battled a severe condition that afflicted her for many years: she could not see because her eyes were glued permanently to books. This caused her to be the girl at recess who hid in the shade to read from her pile of library books, and her occasional companion was the library lady. One day, Corinne finally found she could look up, and after the initial shock she realized that her college applications would need to say more than "loves to read". Her solution: to become involved in as many things as possible. 

As a result, Corinne came to the realization that she also enjoys creative writing, drawing or painting, traveling, playing tennis, and spending inappropriate amounts of time thinking about the money it would take to adopt all the unclaimed dogs at the animal shelter. In the near future, she hopes to spend less time thinking about those dogs and more time writing.


Becca, Katie, and Corinne make up the perfect team to get your book out to the world, and to keep you stress free in the process. See our Testimonials page for all of the wonderful authors we now call friends. We hope to be working with you very soon!