Top Blogger Award!

This award has been created for the sole purpose of allowing Loving the Book to show our appreciation to the bloggers who put so much time into helping us promote new Authors and Books. 
We want to thank all our bloggers, but unfortunately sending each and everyone gifts would be impracticalSo we created this award as a way to reward our blogger. We especially want to make sure that those who are putting in the extra effort know how much we appreciate them.

How this works:
1. All bloggers signed up with us are automatically entered into the award.
2. Points will be awarded for effort spent in helping us with our events. More effort expended equals more points (See point list below)
3. Blogger with top points at the end of the quarter term will receive the Top blogger award
4. In the case of multiple bloggers with the top points a random generator will pick the Top blogger from those with the top points

1. One point awarded for each item below

     a. Post ( create a post for a blitz, cover reveal, tour, or exclusive review)
     b. Have post up on time with all information where it should be
     c. Take the time to do a review of the book for a book tour
     d. Take the time to do an Author Interview (you ask the question) for a book tour
2. Points will be collected for  two months then reset once the top blogger is determined

1. The top Blogger will have their own blog promoted on a dedicated Top Blogger Page page on Loving The Book Blog for two months during the next round.
2. Loving the Book will also do a promo post for your blog on our Facebook page
3. The top blogger will also receive a $15 git card from Amazon. We will also have a 2nd place Blogger who will receive a $10 gift card from Amazon. And a 3rd place blogger who will receive a $5 gift card from Amazon.