Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Fun New Features!!

Fun New Features!

We are so excited to make an exciting announcement! We have a new service that we just released starting ... today!!
This is a fabulous feature that will benefit everyone!!

Today we are pleased to announce we have opened a new REVIEW ONLY option in our services!

Authors - Get your books into the hands of actual readers who will post reviews on Amazon and Goodreads for you! Boost your views and ratings from the start, or pick up on a few older books that could use some love!
To get your books onto our list and into the hands of reviewers, check out more information here:

Reviewers - Now is your chance to get your hands on all the books! Get books to read anytime, anywhere - and often before anyone else! Then post your reviews on Amazon and Goodreads for a chance to be entered to win $25 gift card prizes!
To be part of our review team and get these amazing books in your hands, check out more information here:



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