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Book Tour: Fireweed by Author Terry Montague

Lisel Spann has dreamed only of wonderful things in her future. Living with her father, sister, and brother in a cramped apartment in Berlin, the small family shares what seems to be an unbreakable spirit of love and security. However, with the rise of the Nazi party and approaching dark clouds of war, any kind of future grows increasingly uncertain. Knowing little of hate and destruction, Lisel is ill prepared as the storms of battle erupt in full fury and loved ones are taken from her as her beautiful city is reduced to rubble.

With fear and despair rising within, it is through her quiet, compassionate father that Lisel discovers faith and hope. Now, in a desperate journey to find her sister, Lisel and her neighbor flee Berlin and the advancing Russians for Frankfurt, a city under the protection of the Allies. But their flight to safety is filled with pain, hunger, and terror. However, with spiritual lessons and blessings from her father, the support of departed loved ones, and her tried but undying faith in a loving Heavenly Father, perhaps Lisel can emerge like the fireweed—rising strong and beautiful from scorched earth —transforming bitterness and despair into a charity that never faileth.

When I was about three, my mom said, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I think she was expecting me to say, “A mommy, like you.”  Instead, I popped off with, “I want to be a writer.” I can still remember her face.  She said, “Well, don’t you think you need to learn to read first?” 
I didn’t think so.

Terry Bohle Montague is a BYU graduate and a free-lance writer, having written for television, radio, newspaper, and magazines including The Ensign and Meridian Magazine.  She has also been published as the author of book length historical non-fiction and fiction.
Her non-fiction work includes the book, Mine Angels Round About, the story of the LDS West German Mission evacuation of 1939 which occurred only days before the Nazi invasion of Poland. 
Her LDS fiction, Fireweed, is loosely based on her interviews with the evacuated West German missionaries and their families.
Terry studied with Dwight Swain and Jack Bickham, as well as David Farland. Her writing awards include those from LDS Storymakers, Idaho Writers’ League, and Romance Writers of America.

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Review of Fireweed by Author Betti Carol VanEpps-Taylor
In this engrossing, beautifully written hidden history vignette, Terry Montague brings a haunting story of World War II’s devastating effect on ordinary Germans of faith; and the pre and post war history of the LDS movement in Europe.  Unforgettable German young people and their families face the destruction of their peaceful world with bravery, faith and humor, buoyed by the example of faith, prayer and blessing left behind after their friends, the young, charismatic American missionaries, were suddenly evacuated.  The reader follows those left behind as they find ways to live their faith in the face of unimaginable horror. First published in 1992 for an LDS audience, this non-Mormon reader came to it by accident in 2010.  Not only is it a “great read,” but it also serves as a bridge between Mormon and non-Mormon worlds.  This moving story, which presents issues of faith in a meaningful way, also sheds light on the massive logistical support network underlying the safety and effectiveness of generations of ardent young missionaries experiencing a wider world.  In our diverse 21st century world, books like this maintain vital communication links between diverse groups, and serve to remind us that we are, indeed, more alike than we are different.  …..Betti Carol VanEpps-Taylor
Betti Carol VanEpps-Taylor Published Works
Shadow Walker…The Last Manitou Ojibwa, with Joseph Brown Bear Taylor. Buhl, Idaho, EKP Unlimited 2012.
Forgotten Lives…African Americans in South Dakota.  Pierre, S.D., South Dakota State Historical Society Press. 2008.

Oscar Micheaux…..Dakota  Homesteader, Novelist, Pioneer Film Maker.  Rapid City, S.D.  Dakota West Books, 1999.

My Stroke of the Pen, by Dave Van Epps, with Betti VanEpps-Taylor.  Silverton, Or.  Abiqua Country Estate LLC., and Maverick Press, Bend, Or.  2010.

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