Saturday, January 10, 2015

Book Tour: The Strange and Lovely Anthology


Zombies and vampires and ghosts....oh, my! 

From fae assassins to subjugating the dead, Strange and Lovely is a collection of short stories that seamlessly blends spine-tingling chills and swoon-worthy romance.

This young adult paranormal anthology of supernatural creatures from ten talented authors serves up short stories with heart-stopping storytelling that will haunt you long after you've put it down. Open the pages and discover worlds colliding and struggles for life and love. You’ll find a tale of a young incubus desperately fighting his nature (and diet) alongside Ashley who has a choice—run from the vampires who will stop at nothing to kill her, or become one of them. Dipping deep into romance you’ll find enchanting assassins too beautiful and deadly, and a touching tangle of a love story between an angel and a mermaid both struggling to make their love last. This book will be sure to make you believe that even in the darkest of nights love can find a way.

If you love tales of paranormal romance or supernatural thrills but can't decide which ghostly or otherworldly creature to focus on, this is the perfect book for you.

Best-selling authors such as Jenni James, Amber Argyle, Stephanie Fowers, and Cindy M. Hogan craft thrilling new stories filled with engaging characters, while others, like Christine Fonseca, Jennifer Griffith, C. J. Anaya, Jennifer Bryce, M. Leigh Marrott, and Rebecca Gage, explode off the page with unique takes on familiar supernatural favorites.

Whether humorous, suspenseful, or romantic, the stories in Strange and Lovely will leave you feeling wickedly entertained.

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How they got together:

Rebecca Gage is actually the mastermind behind the anthology. She contacted C J Anaya through Facebook and asked if she would be interested in joining a YA paranormal anthology. Anaya was truly excited to work on anything with Rebecca, and suggested they include Jennifer Griffith, a favorite author of Anaya's. Rebecca was able to get Jenni James on board, and Jenni suggested Stephanie Fowers and Amber Argyle. It simply grew from there. They've enjoyed getting to know each other and their fantastic writing styles. Each story contributes something wonderful and exciting for this anthology. 

Book Tour Schedule

January 10
Book 1:
Huntress by Amber Argyle
January 11
Book 2:
My Fair Assassin by C J Anaya
January 12
Book 3:
School Spirit by Jennifer Griffith
January 13
Books 1-3:
Huntress, My Fair Assassin, and School Spirit
January 14
Book 4:
The Descension by Cindy M Hogan
January 15
Book 5:
The Crazies Got Me by Rebecca Gage
January 16
Book 6:
Mind Warp by Jenni James
January 17
Books 4-6:
The Descension, The Crazies Got Me, and Mind Warp
January 18
Book 7:
Dark Night by Christine Fonseca
January 19
Book 8:
My Big Hairy Romance by Jennifer Bryce
January 20
Book 9:
Broken Tales and Mermaid Wings by Stephanie Fowers
January 21
Book 7-9:
Dark Night, My Big Hairy Romance, and Broken Tales and Mermaid Wings
January 22
Book 10:
Dark To Dust by M. Leigh Marrott
January 23
Book 1-10 (Full Anthology)


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  1. This book will be sure to make you believe that even in the darkest of nights love can find a way.