Friday, December 12, 2014

12 Days of Christmas Book Blitz Event!

Hello every one!!!

We talked about putting this together for a little while, and then decided to jump right in! Not certain if we'd be able to find enough authors, and yet here we are!!!

The Loving the Book girls ADORE Christmas! It's one of our absolute favorite holidays! What better way to celebrate than to line up 12 fantastic Christmas books, and then share them with you! 

Be sure to follow along with each day of this blitz event, a new book will be promoted, and through out the entire event there will be a rafflecopter with some amazing prizes! 

Here is the line up!

Day 1:
(December 12th)
The Christmas Tree Keeper 
by Tamara Passey

Day 2:
(December 13th)
A Candlelight Courting: A Short Christmas Romance 
by Joyce DiPastena

Day 3:
(December 14th)
by Cindy C Bennett

Day 4:
 (December 15th)
The Unknown Elf 
by Karlie Lucas

Day 5:
(December 16th)
A Christmas Reunion 
by Donna Hatch

Day 6:
(December 17th)
Six Days of Christmas 
by Kaylee Baldwin

Day 7:
(December 18th)
 The Heart of Christmas 
by Brenda Novak

Day 8:
(December 19th)
Eight Birds for Christmas 
by Tara Mayoros

Day 9:
(December 20th)
 A Spellbinding Christmas 
by Chelsea O'Neal

Day 10:
(December 21st)
 An Unexpected Kiss (A Novella) 
by Cindy Roland Anderson

Day 11:
 (December 22nd)
Forget Me Not Christmas 
by Natalie-Nicole Bates

Day 12:
(December 23th)
Angels From Their Realms of Story 
by Michael Young



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