Saturday, November 22, 2014

More than a Review Blog Blast!!

We're so excited to have Donna Feyen and her amazing blog site visiting us today!

Donna is the host of WWW.MORETHANAREVIEW.COM where she reviews tons and tons of books! It's a great resource for checking out those books you've been wondering about and deciding if they are worth the read! Or before you purchase!

A bit about Donna:

Meet The Founder

A bit about me:
More Than A Review (MTAR) founder, Donna Feyen, is an avid reader, a “stalker” (a.k.a. devoted fan) of popular band Third Day, and loves to scrapbook in both the traditional and digital styles using Creative Memories tools.  She loves Beth Moore bible studies, has worked at the same company for 27+ years, and loves to travel!  Some of her bucket list items include: visiting Hawaii, another trip to Germany (where her husband was born), and riding their motorcycle down interstate 1 in California.  Donna lives in Northwest Arkansas with her husband and her 3 beautiful black labs.
Where did the vision for MTAR come from:
Donna started MTAR after reading several books that fell short of their “traditional” reviews and included more graphic content than she was expecting to read.   These disappointments and the inability to research the content of a book before purchase, led Donna to the purpose and vision behind MTAR.
After discussing her ideas with friends and family, Donna began to develop the science behind creating a website that would provide in-depth book reviews while also including a detailed “grading” system to provide readers upfront knowledge about the content of books they choose to read.
How readers can become involved:
Currently, MTAR allows anyone to write book reviews once they have registered via the MTAR homepage login screen.  Our hopes are that requiring a reviewer to register prior to posting a review will deter individuals who may cause havoc on the site.  Should we miss someone, there is a “report abuse” button that any reviewer may click if they identify someone who is abusing the privilege of posting a book review.
What we do:
  1. MTAR provides a platform for books to be reviewed by overall content and by four specific content categories.
  2. MTAR provides the ability to search for books based on specific content levels and genre.
  3. MTAR also provides book recommendations based on a registered users preferred content level.
In the coming months, we will add author interviews, excerpts from new releases, and a newsletter to provide additional noteworthy information for each genre represented in the titles found on MTAR.
To my amazing prayer warriors:
I believe that God puts people in our lives to help guide and mentor us along the path of life.  The MTAR project has been no different!  Thank you to my sister and my parents for their encouragement and continued support. To my mentor who was there when I was ready to give up and somehow managed to convince this hard-headed girl to enter her idea into a Start Up Cup competition, thank you does not seem nearly enough!  To my great friends who spent the day with me entering in book reviews, I remember that day like it was yesterday and it was what fully jumpstarted me, thank you!
To ALL of my prayer warriors, you can move mountains!!!

Loving the Book is hosting an event in her honor here:
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