Friday, October 17, 2014

Night Crawler by Candy O'Donnell Book Tour

Halloween night is coming!!! What better way to celebrate then to share a whole bunch of super spooky books with you! For the rest of this month we will be starting of the book tours to a whole bunch of fabulous paranormal reads, so be sure to keep an eye on us!!
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Book Blurb:

The Past Never Stays Where it Belongs!

In Westwood, California, was where John Francis, the town’s priest re-encountered the beast. To his astonishment, horrifying events began unraveling before him. These unprovoked occurrences soon turned to fright when Sister Teresa's body
was found murdered. When Kathy Riego stepped into the Sister's shoes she showed him a renewed identification for the word love. John began this new relationship with a masked reality as the horrid beast began showing him a long forgotten past that was supposed to be buried long ago.

 Author Bio:

Candy O’Donnell was born in Carmichael, California.

At the age of twelve, she wrote her first mini book. Filled mostly with what took place with her mother and her long tedious bout with leukemia. It was a short story told as extra credit when she suffered a sprained ankle and had to be out of school for over two months. School officials refused to believe a word of what she had written until her grandmother, her guardian back then, entered the school with the truth. Everything she had written down was exactly what took place. Unfortunately her mother succumbed to the disease.

She earned a Bachelor’s degree in History and Culture. After living with her aunt and uncle for over five years she wished to explore her uncle’s Native heritage and did so with vigor. She also has 6 Grad units in Criminal Justice. Someday she might go back and finish her Master’s.

Twitter: @Candyodonnell

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