Monday, September 1, 2014

A NEW BEGINNING Official Book Tour

Some of you got to go to the launch party we hosted for A New Beginning, on August 25th, but for those of you who were un-able to come here is your chance to learn more about this great book, and the fabulous author who created it!


When Angel Perez had a second chance at a new beginning, she packed up only a few personal belongings and headed to Florida to start over.
On the run from an estranged and abusive ex-boyfriend, Jim Davis, Angel was determined to live a private life while trying to leave her past behind her.
When fate introduced her to a very handsome and sexy doctor, Mason Myles, Angel knew she was in trouble. She knew she wouldn’t be able to resist his good looks and charm.
Once Angel finally reveals to Mason her fears, Mason vows to protect her and keep her safe.

Author Bio:

First and foremost I am a wife, mother and grandmother.
I am also a nurse and a new author.
I moved to sunny Florida in 2006 and never looked back. I love fresh squeezed lemonade, crushed ice, teacups, wineglasses, non-franchise restaurants, ice cream cones, boating, picnics, cookouts, throwing parties, lace, white wine, mojitos, strawberry margaritas, white linen tablecloths, fresh flowers and Pinterest. I also love to read and write and to spend time with my family. My books thus far, have been inspired by the things I love and the people who influence me, every single day to be a better person.

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