Monday, March 24, 2014


Today we are having a special party for the box set BREATHTAKING!!

7 fabulous romance and suspense novels for an amazing price of $0.99

You Belong With Me by Shannon Guymon 
Love could restart a stalled heart. Love could comfort and cleanse. Love could renew. Love was a miracle.' Burned out social worker, Layla Kendall is about to learn exactly what love can do. 
Amazon bestselling author, Shannon Guymon has "a miraculous ability to write about relationships that are overflowing with abundant amounts of cuteness.The men she dreams up are the types that make you sigh and say, 'Oh...if only you were real." 

Unbelievable by Sherry Gammon 
Unbelievable, Book 2 in the Port Fare Series. A firestorm named Delilah Dreser is about to ignite Cole Colter’s quiet little world. But will he and his friends survive? 
Readers agree. Bestselling author Sherry Gammon is…Absolutely an amazing author and a fantastic story teller. 

Blog This by Cami Checketts 
In a race against time, can Natasha evade a hitman and expose her enemies before the assassin murders her family and shatters her world? 
#1 Bestselling Amazon author Cami Checketts has been touted by reviewers as, “A genius, writing about topics that aren’t widely discussed and brilliantly crafting stories that touch your heart and remain with you.” 

Cassie’s Cowboy Crave by Kimberly Krey 
This fun western romance features a Seattle editor, a handsome cowboy, and a witness protection program that has them posing as husband and wife. 
Bestselling author Kimberly Krey has been dubbed as “the master of romantic tension.” She writes romance that’s clean without losing the steam. 

A Perfect Fit by Heather Tullis 
Cami DiCarlo is not happy when her father forces her into heading up guest services at his newest five-star hotel and unveils the existence of four half-sisters at the same time, insisting they live together while they launch the new resort. 
When she meets Vince, the sweet, sexy landscaper her father would never have approved of, Cami can’t say no. If only she could be sure she is on the right track—and that they will be able to stop the person who is trying to destroy everything. 

Home Before Dark by Christy Barritt 
Nothing good ever happens after dark. Those were the words country singer Daleigh McDermott’s father always repeated. 
Now her father is dead, and Daleigh finds a hidden journal hinting that his death was no accident. Small town mechanic Ryan Shields is the only one who seems to believe Daleigh. As the two work to unravel the mystery, it becomes obvious that someone wants them dead. They must rely on each other—and on God—if they hope to make it home before the darkness swallows them whole. 
Award-Winning Suspense Novelist and Bestselling Amazon Author, touted as "scary, funny, passionate, and quirky" by USA Today. 

Baggage Claim by Amanda Tru 
Rachel Saunders is looking forward to her all-expense paid weekend trip to New York. But, when her luggage is lost and she is accosted by an infuriating Homeland Security agent, events take a dangerous turn. 
Amanda Tru, Bestselling Amazon Author of Romance and Suspense. Discover the author who, as an Amazon reviewer raves, “continues to impress me and dominate my time with a book I can’t put down even after it’s ended.” 

Go buy you're copy at AMAZON

And while you are at it, come join the launch party tonight to meet the authors and win some prizes. All online at Facebook



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