Monday, February 24, 2014

Escaping Safety Book Tour

Today is the day our wonderful book tour starts for Author Bonnie Gwyn!
Go check out what people are saying about her book!

Escaping Safety Blog Tour (Feb 24 - March 1)


Christina has grown up literally ‘sheltered’ in a sanctuary run by mysterious Officials who offer safety in exchange for captivity. She’s already suspicious of the Officials when she meets Tyler Andrus, commander of the T-Squad: a group of rebels on a quest to destroy the sanctuaries and bring light back into the world. Having yearned for freedom all her life, she joins them in a journey of hope, terror, and self-discovery.

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Sunday - February 23
Monday - February 24
Monday - February 24
Tuesday - February 25
Wed - February 26
Thursday - February 27
Thursday - February 27
Friday - February 28
Friday - February 28
Saturday - March 1
Saturday - March 1
Saturday - March 1

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Alex and Mark book tours

Author Irish Winters has shared her wonderful new books with us ALEX and MARK
Please see below for her blog tour schedules for each. They begin tomorrow so don't miss the reviews, interviews, and fun information for each.

Both can be purchased HERE AT AMAZON 

Irish Winters double book blog tour (Feb 16-22)

(Book 1) Alex:

He’s trying to forget . . . 

Alex Stewart, ex-Marine and tough as nails boss, ditches the success of his fledgling business and flees to his cabin in the deep woods. He’s had enough. Four years after the deaths of his wife and daughter, he’s stuck in the anger stage of grief. He wants to be left alone. Life used to make sense. It just doesn’t bring him joy. Nothing does. 

She’s trying to remember . . . 

Left to die in those same deep woods, Kelsey is the last thing Alex expects to find at his cabin. She’s everything he’s running away from. Responsibility. Memories. Having to care about someone else beside himself. To make matters worse, she can’t remember anything except her first name. Neither can she explain the marks on her body, nor why two darling baby boys haunt her dreams. 

But Alex can . . . 

Blog Tour:


(Book 2) Mark:

Mark Houston has done the unthinkable. The United States Marine has fallen in love with his best friend’s fiancée. Now he has to tell Libby Clifton that Jon was killed in action. When Mark accompanies his friend’s body home to the quiet farming community of Spencer, Wisconsin, he discovers that all was not well between Libby and Jon. He dares to hope there might still be room in her heart for him—until she confides in him that he’s the only friend she has—the very last thing a man wants to hear. Or be.

She’s trying to move on. After the very public funeral of her war hero fiancée, Libby trades the sedate country life for nursing school in big city Chicago. Little does she realize that kilos of opium lay six-feet underground with the man she’s just buried. The cold-blooded cartel boss has proven he will go to extreme lengths to get his drugs back. Mark Houston, now working for Alex Stewart and his covert surveillance team, is determined to protect Libby. Three paths are on a collision course of murder, deceit, and betrayal.

Opium isn’t the only thing that’s buried . . . 

Book Tour:

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Beginning of Us Blog Tour

Title: The Beginning of Us
Author: Brandy Jeffus Corona
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Range: YA/NA
Release Date: February 2nd
After nine years of marriage, it seems like nothing can help salvage the relationship between Teegan and Jax Donney.
Teegan is given the surprise of her life when she wakes up the next day after Jax has asked for a divorce. Not only is she a teenager again but she and her future ex-husband go to the same school.
After realizing it's not a dream, and she is in fact young again, she tries to live day by day with this bizarre twist of events and finds herself falling in love (again) with Jax.
The Beginning of Us

Links to buy:

Check out the book trailer at the link below!

About the Author

Brandy Jeffus has been writing stories since an early age. She would dictate them to her mom who would type them out on a typewriter.
She is a mother to two precious children and lives in North Texas, but she’ll always consider herself an East Texan, hailing from the Rose Capitol of the World, Tyler.

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