Saturday, November 30, 2013

Rogue Alliance Blog Tour

I am so pleased to be hosting the book blog tour for Michelle Bellon's new book!!

Michelle is a very talented writer and has written several books in the past. She has recently signed a contract for 4 new books and we're excited to see each one as it comes out. Today we are introducing the blog tour for the book Rogue Alliance

Please check out the sites below on the dates specified to see interviews, spotlights, and fun facts about Michelle and her book.

Saturday, Nov 30
Sunday, Dec 1
Monday, Dec 2
Tuesday, Dec 3
Wednesday, Dec 4
Thursday, Dec 5
Friday, Dec 6
Friday, Dec 6
Saturday, Dec 7

Thank you so much for joining us here today! Enjoy this new, exciting read!
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Friday, November 1, 2013

The Romance Novel Name Game

How to play:
It’s pretty simple. Using the first letter of your first name, look down the list of first names below and choose your new first name. My name starts with a R, so my name would be Velvet.
Next, we’re going to pick a last name. Using the month of your birth, choose the corresponding name from the birth month list. My new middle name is Mistress of Glory.
So my new sexy name is Velvet Mistress of Glory!
Ohhhhh!!! ;)
Ok, now find out what sexy name you've got:

First Name list (Choose your first name based on the first letter of your real first name):
A= Steamy
B= Restless
C= Glorious
D= Busty
E= Wontan
F= Magnificent
G= Hidden
H= Blazing
I= Hazy
J= Rebel
K= Lucky
L= Gorgeous
M= Sassy
N= Mirage
O= Romantic
P= Sublime
Q= Glimmer
R= Velvet
S= Ambiance
T= Tangy
U= Zealous
V= Wistful
W= Reluctant
X= Frisky
Y= Guarded
Z= Satin
Last Name (Choose based on your birth month):
January= Sweet Lips
February= Mistress of Glory
March= Virgin
April= Glitz Bomb
May= Vixen
June= Love Goddess
July= Seductress
August= Sparkle Hips
September= Passion Player
October= Dream Kiss
November= Sweetfire
December= Bodice Ripper
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