Tuesday, October 1, 2013

How it all started

I have always loved parties. And I LOVE planning parties.
I love to make themed parties with decorations and food that tie in. I've thrown baby showers, birthday parties, bridal showers, holiday parties, etc. I absolutely love it!

So when I first got the idea to do a launch party, I was a bit unsure about how it would be (since I couldn't physically put together decorations, food, and gift bags) But I went for it. I put together a Launch Party to get to know the Pandamoon Authors from Pandamoon Publishing.
I spent several weeks putting together questions, games, prizes, giveaways, photos, etc, etc, etc, and I almost pulled an all-night-er the night before the event in an effort to make it perfect.

Well, the time and effort put into the event paid off and it was a huge success!!
(Look here to see the party: https://www.facebook.com/events/158930084306968/ )

Since then I have had numerous people comment on the success of the party and have been asked time and time again if I would help them throw their own launch party.

That is when I realized that I do have a talent for this and that if I have a talent I can share, why not make it into a small business and help take the stress off so many authors who are trying to make their book a success?

Thus "Loving the Book Launch Party" was born.

So that is why I am here! To make it easy for every one of you to get your book launch party put together without the stress attached. Let me do the work, and you enjoy the results!